#BCBeerinar Live in Orlando 2023

Those who know me a bit, know that I love golf. And in professional golf, there are four major tournaments in a year for which everyone waits. A similar is in the Business Central community – we have two big conferences in Europe, one in Asia, and one in the United States.

Directions NA 2023 is over and I will try to write my reflection later in the week but I would like today to focus on the BCBeerinar idea that we try all to maintain. I believe you all already know it – have fun on Friday with beer (or coffee for some of us) and talk a bit about Business Central. This was born in the Covid era and it was scheduled almost every two weeks.

Luckily we (I hope) can talk about Covid in the past tense– at least from a lockdown perspective, so we meet less however we almost approaching our 50th BCBeerinar.

BCBeerinar Live

Now we are going more and more to conferences. And we still want to meet and have fun. We try to organize BCBeerinars but in person when we only can. In the US around 30 people were having fun TopGolf.

You are amazing!

And we would not make it happen without our sponsors who deserve a big THANK YOU and shout out! I would like to thank two companies who made it happen last week – TESS Team and Mount Evans Consulting. And I would like to thank Kristen and Tanya two awesome MVPs who help with organizing the event.

Why should you join?

Jesper, who I hope you all know, says: Together we are strong. And I truly believe in that. But how we can be together if we do not know each other?

Do you know what was my BEST moment during the last event?

When two strangers started chatting and two days later I have seen them at the celebration party having fun almost like best friends knowing each other for years. This is what I will remember and it is the reason why writing this blog post and why taking the effort to plan everything. It means this was worth organizing!

Plans for the future?

Last year during the Directions EMEA we started planning (with help from Venus) the event for 40 people, then we extended that to 50 people, and we ended up having around 65 people. Sadly I needed (the same in the US) to say to some people that they cannot come. This was due to capacity limits that we had (I am really bad at saying no to anyone – trust me).

So this year we will try to plan something bigger during the EMEA conference. How it will turn up? I have no clue. I hope you will also join since the one thing which glues all the people there is a passion for Business Central.

But stay tuned!

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