Telemetry in a Day – Online


Telemetry gives developers, as well as decision-makers, the advantage that we did not have in past in the NAV world. It allows us to react quickly to errors, allows us to monitor the usage of the solutions, and controls if everything works correctly.

Join the workshops if you are interested in how to start using telemetry and also learn how you can use it daily to improve the quality of your software and services.


Workshops, despite the name will be delivered in 4 sessions. Each session will have 2 hours. Additionally, there will be a session (1h) that you can use for asking additional questions or in which you can require additional help.

All sessions will start at 4:00 PM CET (UTC+1)

DateSession TopicDuration
21st of November (Monday)Introduction and Basics of Telemetry2h
22nd of November (Tuesday)Application Insights and KQL2h
23rd of November (Wednesday)Custom Telemetry in AL2h
24th of November (Thursday)Notifications and Reporting2h
25th of November (Friday)Addtional questions and answers (not mandatory to join)1h


Cost of workshops is 450 EUR excluding VAT. Price is per one attendee for whole series.

Registrations are handled first come first serve.

You will get an invoice maximum 1 day after registration and a link to the workshops will be sent after payment is received.

Workshops Plan

Introduction and Basics of Telemetry

During the session you will learn what is telemetry. What types of telemetry do we have in regards to Business Central? You will also be familiar with what you can expect from telemetry and what kind of signals Business Central emits.

After this session, you will already start using telemetry and be able to receive the first signals from your customer environments and applications.

Application Insights and KQL

In this session, you will learn how to write KQL simple and more advanced queries to get information. Also, it will be presented how to use Application Insights in a more advanced way, how to control the costs for the telemetry, and what are the best strategies when setting up the Application Insights.

After the session, you would be familiar with KQL syntax and how to use it to get data from Application Insights. This in the future will allow you to build more advanced cases for your organization. Also, you will make sure that the telemetry does not cost you a lot of money.

Custom Telemetry in AL

The purpose of this session is how to make your signals and understand how they can help you make the product better. In this session, you will develop custom signals directly from your extensions. For this basic knowledge of AL development is required.

After this session, you will start sending your signals. You will be also familiar with where to do it and when you can avoid the custom telemetry. During this session, there will be more time to complete the tasks.

Notifications and Reporting

In this session, you will learn how to view and analyze the data provided by telemetry. Also, you will get familiar with how you can be more reactive to issues that are caught in telemetry – for example missing permissions, the installation fails, or more.

After the last session, you will know how to set the notifications using external tools and alerts directly inside Application Insights.

Addtional questions and answers (not mandatory to join)

This session allows me to ask you any questions that you may have related to the previous sessions and telemetry in general. Even if there will be time for questions during previous sessions, it may happen that time would not allow you to ask all your questions. This is why this session is for you.


During the workshops there will be several tasks that requires some prerequisites.

  • Access to Online Sandbox and Admin Center for environments (can be trial or CDX).
  • As alternative access to docker or onPrem installation with possibility to modify the parameters of the service
  • Access to Azure Portal and possibility to create Application Insights instances
  • Visual Studio Code and ability to deploy the extensions to sandbox or docker
  • Access to create Logic Apps (additional costs may be required)
  • As alterative access to create Power Automate flows (premium connector needed – can be trial version)
  • Power BI Pro license (can be trial version)