About me and blog

First of all thank you for reading my blog!

My name is Krzysztof Bialowas (yes I know it is a lot of Zs in my name so it is easier to call me Kris or how my colleagues call me: Mr K.) and I am a developer and a system architect for Dynamics NAV and Business Central.

My journey in Dynamics World started in 2010 and since then I had been working for Gold Partners in Poland and Denmark and also helping implementing system for one quite big global end user.

I am in love in the Manufacturing and Logistics modules – best things to implement (I know that right now I crushed some Finance Consultants’ hearts). During that wonderful years I implemented Dynamics NAV and Business Central across Eastern Europe and Middle East. I had pleasure to work with wonderful people in such countries as Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Greece and United Arab Emirates.

I started this blog from few reasons but there are two most important for me. First one is that I wanted to get more familiar with all new things which are in the reality of AL and Extensions 2.0. Second, even more important, is that I believe we should all share our knowledge and not only on expert but also, which in my opinion is missing, on beginers level. I hope that reading it you will find information for you and written in a way which is understandable not only for experts.

Thank you!