Workshops and Trainings

Telemetry in a Day – Online

Telemetry gives developers, as well as decision-makers, the advantage that we did not have in past in the NAV world. It allows us to react quickly to errors, allows us to monitor the usage of the solutions, and controls if everything works correctly.

Join the workshops if you are interested in how to start using telemetry and also learn how you can use it daily to improve the quality of your software and services.

Telemetry – Company workshops

Does your company want to start using telemetry but do not know how to start? Or maybe you already use it but would like to improve the processes in this area by being more proactive and learning how to avoid common mistakes.

These workshops are for you. Instead of general information, we would go thru processes in your company and set up everything according to your needs for your tasks and your AL extensions or customer environments.