AL for Beginners – Workbook Version 2.0

Finally (and it took a while), I can release version 2 of my workbook which I hope will help new developers to start developing in AL.

Before I will give you a link…

I was very pleased that the 1st version of the workbook was very well received. I should thank many people for it but one person who helped to make it popular the most was Steve Endow. He was learning from it and making also live videos when doing so. So thank you Steve one more time!

I was surprised about the reaction of all of you today on Twitter. Now I am a little bit scared that it will not be this what you expected… but let’s find out.

What is new

Compared to the first version the second one simplified some of the topics – for example creating an environment. Also, I reorganized some of the topics. To be honest I was surprised how many things changed from October 2019 when the workbook was released.

I also added quite a lot of hints where there could be some additional clarification needed. This is thanks to Bartosz and Radek who had to read it when starting to work in our team (thanks guys for the feedback and also really fresh view).

Finally, I moved the whole text to a Word document which you also can find in the repository. This is because if you have any comments or even would like to change something and send me a copy in the tracking mode – that would be fantastic, and much easier than working in PDF or previous more professional DTP software. 

Please remember that my primary language is not English so I would expect there are some grammar or vocabulary things that for sure someone could fix – this also will be easier in Word.

Can I use it in my company? Yes – it is public and free

This workbook which now has over 150 pages is done for the community and is free. So if you like it, one thing that I would like you to do is to share this with others and also send feedback on all social platforms.

Now I can share with you the link

Here you can find the repository on GitHub: mynavblog/ALForBeginners (

The current version can be found here: ALForBeginners/Current Version – 2022 at main · mynavblog/ALForBeginners (

In folder bonus_extension and bonus_extension_tests you will find the code for the tasks described in pdf (or Word). But please check it at the end – all solutions are also in the pdf/Word.

Happy development!!!


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