Two great books from Luc and Andrey

I am still sick so bad I do not remember when it happened to me last time. But I would not be myself if I would not find some positive in that situation – finally, I had time to go back to two awesome books from Packt Publishing: Automated Testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Second Edition by  Luc van Vugt and Administrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online by Andrey Baludin.

I can recommend both! Especially now when eBooks you can buy only for 5 USD each.

First of all, I am really glad that we can find more and more books about Business Central – that is good promotion and make our ecosystem more visible to others, and that only help.

Should you buy them? For sure – but remember both are for different kinds of readers. Let me start with Automated Tests – this for me is a must for each Business Central developer. Not only to start writing the tests but also to change the way of thinking about automated tests. The way how we develop in Business Central changed and using automated tests is more and more crucial. I cannot imagine a more passionate person talking about this topic than Luc – it doesn’t matter if in the book or in person. So I am really glad he made a second edition.

Book from Andrey I would describe as needed for anyone who is dealing with Admin Center. It means this is not only for developers (who also can learn something from it) but it would be useful for consultants but also it can be a nice gift to the IT department at the end customer who needs to update the applications or manage the environments. It is written in very user-friendly language so everyone can get something from it – you could even name it a manual or step-by-step guide. It will show you the all needed hidden areas of administrating Business Central Cloud.

BTW. This book is not a 1000 pages manuscript – and I think it is beneficial. Also, it shows how far we came from the world where we needed to manage everything from SQL Server, Service Tier, license management, PowerShell scripts, merging code end much, much more to the instruction that everyone could use to manage their Business Central installation.

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