All started with one tweet…

This time not a technical post but very important for me since a lot was going on in the last few weeks in my life about Business Central. And finally, I found some time to write it.

If you haven’t heard about Covid-19 and what is going on across the whole globe probably you also haven’t heard about Business Central. All major and minor Business Central related conferences are postponed or sadly (but understandable) canceled. But on the other hand, there is a lot going on related to Business Central – for example a new version was released with great stuff. 

And still, we, the community, need and want to talk about Business Central but we did not have where. And this is why it started – from the simple need of gathering and talk about our system. 

#BCBeerinars – let’s talk about Business Central

As a topic says – it all started with one tweet. And then it hit me with not expected, great, positive feedback. On the first meetup there were over 20 people and we just drink virtual beer (ok virtual part was only about gathering but the beer was real) and talk about Business Central. 

– Let’s do it again

So, it did not stop in one meeting. Now our meetings are more “structured” but still, those are not webinars – the major rule is: you can talk when you want and show on the screen what you want if this is related to the main topic which is always Business Central. And only one (ultimate) goal of meetings is: gather and have a great time with people doing the same what you.

Big thanks to all of you!

When I am writing this blog post we finished 5th meetup and scheduled 6th one. Since the first one passed around 11 weeks, and during that time I met great people from over 20 countries, and in the group there are around 180 people in the community. 

Always there are around 35-45 people online willing to share the knowledge and discuss it. Some of our discussions took over 3 hours (at least I left after 3 hours and was not the last one). So, one more time big thank you all! 

Also big thanks to those who helping me every time to prepare for those events, and again big thanks to all presenters who showed their tools in the last session.

Presentations and polls

Each time we try to have the main topic and prepare some materials related to it. So below you can find the links to events where you can find results of the polls (anonymous) and links to presentations where you can find useful stuff

2nd BCBeerinar – What’s new in Version 16

3rd BCBeerinar – Performance in Business Central  (link to the presentation in comments)

4rd BCBeerinar – Handling API (link to the presentation in comments)

5th BCBeerinar – Show me your VSCode tools (link to the presentation in comments)

6th BCBeerinar

If you still want to join here is the link to 6th BCBeerina


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