A workbook for you?

At the beginning of this blog post, I would like to give you some background.

Preparing for my first workshops at NAVTechDays, I had been thinking about which tasks should I give to the developers. Since the workshops were named from Zero to App on AppSource, I started to write the small script with exercises. And the word zero in here crucial. I assumed that AL for them is something new.

So it turned out that from a small script I ended with the 100 pages workbook. It allows, from having nothing on the computer, finish with a small extension for generating sales bonuses.

And since, I think the best in NAVTechDays is that it is the community event I decided to publish it for free on the GitHub page.

How to read it?

A few words of explanation before you will start reading it and you are an experienced developer. This workbook does not cover everything – that is why it is a workbook, not a book. It is rather the starting point for new people. That’s why sometimes it shows the other sources to go and dig in more.

Also, it is designed to do the workshops in one or two days, so hopefully you will understand why some things are not there.


If you think that something is missing, something can be written better or different? Or I did a mistake in the code? Just let me know. I will update it, to always have the newest version.

We already fixed some things on the workshops – and I am really glad that we did so (btw did you know that now Automated Tests can be run in any language?).

Where to find it?

So if you are interested in how it looks, please visit the GitHub where you will find the PDF and the final result: https://github.com/mynavblog/ALForBeginners

In the end, I would like to thank people who read it before the conference (I did not give them a lot of time).

Also my group on NAVTechDays. You were great and thank you for all the corrections which we made. I hope you learned new things in the workshops – the same as I did. One more time thank you.


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