#NAVdevInfo 4: Good evening to you msdyn365bc

Yesterday was very excited day for me. First time from a long time I was checking my twitter account every few minutes to see what is going on in the World after release new version of Dynamics NAV… wait stop!!! I wanted to write Dynamics 365 Business Central. And unfortunately where I leave now there still was Holiday time so I couldn’t get my hands on it until late evening (of course you can imagine my wife’s reaction after driving home 200km and first thing was to open my laptop).

First impression: Role Center or first page how we can call it – looks really wow.


For second impression you will need to wait little longer but it is not so great as first one. But maybe it is with everything like this?

Anyway to not write post about anything here is how you can get the trial version for yourself. It is very easy… if you leave in country where the Business Central was released. Otherwise you will need to have VPN or wait little longer.

Go to: https://trials.dynamics.com and you will find there Business Central

Select it and type your mail and phone number at the bottom. And that’s it – 2 min later you can have your own version for testing.


Have fun!!!

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